Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big East

  The Big East is one of the most difficult conference in the country.  I think that the most difficult conferences in the nation are the Big Ten, ACC, and the Big East.  Right now, I am focusing on the Big East.  The Big East is expected to have seven teams in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  Michael Carter-Williams from the Syracuse Orange is drawing attention for being the Big East Player of the Year.  In my opinion, Carter-Williams doesn't deserve the prestigious award.  Many players have risen this season.  Some of these players weren't eve heard of until this season.  Georgetown is in first place in the Big East after upsetting Syracuse in front of an NCAA record breaking crowd.  I think the Big East Player of the Year should go to Otto Porter of the Georgetown Hoyas.  He is an amazing player who can do the three things that every coach wants; to pass, shoot, and dribble.  Porter has had success against Big East foes in crucial games.  Otto Porter has led Georgetown in his years in college. He has been heavily guarded and still is scoring many of Georgetown's points.  I like the way that he doesn't get too fired up when he makes an important bucket, he remains humble.  Otto Porter reminds me of a player; Brandon Triche from Syracuse.  Every time either player drains an important basket, they remain quiet and get ready to play defense.  Although, Otto Porter is a better shooter than Brandon Triche and scores more points than him.  I think there are only two players who should be in the running for the Sixth Man of the Year race, James Southerland from Syracuse and Davante Gardner from Marquette.  Both players have faced off this season, Marquette coming out on top.  James Southerland has the ability to drain long distance threes and get some boards.  If he is tired he can jog over and be the trailer, and drill a three-pointer.  Davante Gardner is a big man and pushes people out to get rebounds, legally.  I like the way he uses his body to push defenders out and make space in the paint for himself to get the rebound.  Both players should receive more credit.  In my opinion, C.J. Fair from the Syracuse Orange doesn't receive the credit that he should be receiving.  Also, Russ Smith from Louisville.  C.J. Fair leads his team in rebounds and scores many of the Orange's points.  Russ Smith is a fast athlete with great cardiovascular endurance.  He has a great shot and can be relied upon in clutch moments.  Both of these players should receive more national spotlight and lead their teams to victories.  I think the most disappointing player of the year in the Big East is Peyton Siva from the Louisville Cardinals.  Last year he scared teams with his speed and passing abilities.  Now, he's barely an offensive threat for opposing teams.  He also backs down in rivalry games and doesn't score in the moments needed.  I think he needs to start scoring now, or else his career will start going down and won't return to hat he started at.  By Ameen I.

Steve Nash says He Would Join the Lakers Again?

As most of you know the Lakers have an unimpressive season with there record putting them in the bottom of their division. Plus, the Lakers have been having a major problem with team chemistry especially between players new to the Lakers, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, and 16 year Laker Kobe Bryant.

Steve Nash mentioned to the USA Today's Reporter that he would make the same decision ten out of ten times.

"It'd be nice, in some ways, to have a bigger impact on the game. You have to balance it with all the guys, all their needs and personalities. I embrace it. I really appreciate it. I could still be in Phoenix and have the ball in my hands the majority of the time and probably be out of the playoffs again, so it's worthy of trying something new -- especially since the upside here is potentially great," Steve Nash said this to the reporters of USA Today.

By David B.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

James Harden

  Many people have heard of James Harden, and seen his beard.  The common saying is "Fear the beard."  When Harden was traded from the Thunder to the Rockets, everyone thought it was a mistake.  The Rockets had also brought in Jeremy Lin from the New York Knicks.  Oklahoma City received Kevin Martin, a player who has improved his game greatly.  Most people thought Jeremy Lin would steal the spotlight in Houston, and Harden would be scoring when Lin was resting.  It has tuned out to be the complete opposite; James Harden is scoring many points and Jeremy Lin has been the side show.  I think James Harden is much better basketball player and leader.  My reasoning is that James Harden was around star players who found many paths to the basket.  Jeremy Lin only had the spotlight on him when star players for the Knicks were injured.  Also, Harden has been able to stay healthy and uninjured, keeping his confidence up.  However, Jeremy Lin banged up his knee last year and was out for the rest of the season.  A player usually can't scare an opposing player while sitting down on the bench.  James Harden scores consistently and doesn't show off very often; he barely ever shows off.  Jeremy Lin doesn't have consistent numbers in the points category.  He only averages 12.7 points per game.  I think James Harden is a better player for the Rockets.  He can score, dribble, and get the rest of the team involved when he is in a shooting slump.  Jeremy Lin is a better facilitator, because he uses his speed to get to the basket and dishes the ball off.  I think James Harden should receive more credit.  Soon, when the season is ending it's near, I think James Harden should be included in the MVP Award race.
By Ameen I.

Smith to Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for a quarterback and they got one from the San Francisco 49ers, Alex Smith. This surprised me because I thought that having Geno Smith from West Virginia would have perfectly fit Andy Ried's running and throwing mixed style of offense. Especially because the Chiefs would have had the first found draft pick.

Also, since Alex Smith has hardly played this season and he might be a little unused to playing and getting hit each week. Even though his career numbers show him as a good player with a 30-10 TD-Int. ratio. While the other contending quarterbacks on the Chiefs average 21-38 TD-Int. ration, the Chiefs current quarterbacks are Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel.

I predict that the Chiefs will not pick a player such as Geno Smith in the draft but, maybe a defensive or offensive line player. What do you think? Post
 your answer in the comments!

By David B.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fishing For Fisher

  Derek Fisher.  He has been on the Los Angeles Lakers, winning championships with Kobe Bryant.  After being on Oklahoma City Thunder last year and losing to the Miami Heat, Derek Fisher left to go to the Dallas Mavericks.  After suffering a knee injury this year, Fisher asked for the Mavericks to release him around Christmas time because he wanted to spend more time with his family.  Now, he participated in the Thunder's practice on Tuesday.  Head coach, Scott Brook, has not clarified if Fisher will play Wednesday night.  He will not retire quite yet, and this is his last chance.  If Derek Fisher doesn't play well or prove his point that he still has basketball left in him, this will most likely be his last season.  Maybe Fisher can win a championship in his last season, like Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, sending him happily into retirement.
By Ameen I.

High Scoring OT

The number 6 Kansas Jayhawks were actually trailing the Iowa State Cyclones at many times in the game, but it was always close. Plus, one factor was very shocking Ben McLemore only had 7 points and 4 assists, but Elijah Johnson played his heart out his senior had 39 points! Plus he had 7 assists and 5 rebounds at guard. Jeff Withey came up big as usual with a double double consisting of 10 rebounds and 13 points.

The Jayhawks aren't the only team that fought hard in this battle to the finish the Cyclones had 5 players in double figures and the Jayhawks had 4. The biggest scorer was the Cyclones senior guard, Kore Lucious who had 23 points, and Tyrus McGee also a senior guard played like he was the sixth man of the year with 22 points and 5 rebounds off the bench. Iowa State also had plenty of help down low from another senior guard Will Clyburn who had 7 rebounds and 16 points, playing down low with him was Melvin Ejim who had only 4 points, but 7 rebounds to match at forward.

The final score would be a resounding 108 to 96 with Kansas on top. Also, the coach of Kansas Bill Self earned 500 wins. Plus, I would like to hear what you think the AP Poll will rank these teams at! So post your opinion in the comments box.

By David B.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Who is the Best Team in the MLB?...

Baseball has just started and I want you to know who I think the best teams are going to be in the season.

I think the best team in Major League Baseball has to be the Detroit Tigers, because one they made it pretty far into the post season last year and won the American League Central Division.

Also, the Tigers have gained a key hitter and infielder, Omar Infante. He mainly plays second base, but can play short if he is needed there. He was the only main off season gain for the Tigers. They do still have plenty of talent with the Brewers Prince Fielder heading to the Tigers last season for 30 homers, 108 RBI's, and a batting average of .318. Which seems hard to contest with until you see their third baseman. Miguel Cabrera is his name, have you heard of him? He won the triple crown last year and it was the first one won since Mickey Mantle. It was obvious that he should have won because he had an average of .330, 44 long bombs, and 139 RBI's.

These players aren't the whole team though, because Justin Verlander is the real deal. Even though he didn't win a Cy Young Award last year. The reason why is because he had a record of 17-8 plus anERA of 2.64. On top of that he lead the league in strikeouts with 239. In  the outfield with Austin Jackson at center and he has dangerous speed at the top of the line-up. Last year he had 10 triples plus a batting average of .300.

If you think that there is a better team out there post it in the comments!

By David B.

Teams Shining and Falling

  The AP Top 25 Poll has just come out.  With Syracuse breaking an NCAA record of on campus attendance at a game with 35,012 and losing to the Georgetown Hoyas.  Miami was upset by Wake Forest and Gonzaga has moved up to the number 2 spot.  Indiana stayed at the number one spot after losing to Illinois and has stayed atop the nation.  Teams have risen and they have sunk while being in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll.  I think the player that should receive the most credit should be Otto Porter of the Georgetown Hoyas.  He is an amazing player, leading Georgetown to many of their wins. The following is a list of the Top 25 teams in the AP Top 25 Poll.

1) Indiana
2) Gonzaga
3) Duke
4) Michigan
5) Miami (FL)
6) Kansas
7) Georgetown
8) Florida
9) Michigan State
10) Louisville
11) Arizona
12) Syracuse
13) Kansas State
14) New Mexico
15) Oklahoma State
16) Ohio State
17) Wisconsin
18) Saint Louis
19) Memphis
20) Butler
21) Notre Dame
22) Marquette
23) Pittsburgh
24) Oregon
25) Louisiana Tech                                                                                                                By Ameen I.

Power Rankings

It is time for the weekly NBA Power Rankings. As Usual I will show you what ESPN thinks and I will show you my opinion.

  1. San Antonio Spurs          ~ 45-13
  2. Miami Heat                     ~ 40-14
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder ~ 41-15
  4. Indiana Pacers                 ~ 35-21
  5. Los Angeles Clippers     ~ 40-18

Front Row Report  (David B.)
  1. Miami Heat                     ~ 40-14
  2. San Antonio Spurs          ~ 45-13
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder ~ 41-15
  4. Memphis Grizzlies         ~ 37-18
  5. Los Angeles Clippers     ~ 40-18 
By  David B.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lakers Grind It Out

  The Los Angeles Lakers aren't having the season most people expected.  But, with this win, the Lakers are one game below the .500 mark.  The first quarter was high-scoring with the Dallas Mavericks outscoring the Lakers 30-27.  The Lakers fought back though, outscoring L.A. 27-24.  The halftime score was 54-54 even.  Then, the Lakers had the momentum, so they ended up out hustling and outscoring Dallas 25-21.  The Mavericks couldn't recover, only scoring 24, as did the Lakers.  The final score was 103-99 Lakers.  The L.A. Lakers are now 28-29, a game below the .500 mark.  The Mavericks are 25-30, not a very impressive record.  Kobe Bryant scored 38 points to go along with 12 rebounds, 7 assists, and 1 block.  He has been more of a facilitator now, and that is making the Lakers a cary team that they should have been.  Steve Nash added 20 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 steal.  Dirk Nowitzki led the way for the Mavericks with 30 points, 13 rebounds, 1 assist, and 3 steals.  The Lakers are doing a great job and also have a chance of making the playoffs this year.
By Ameen I.

Granderson Out

  The New York Yankees have suffered many losses in recent seasons.  With the whole PED's situation with A-Rod and the fractured ankle that Derek Jeter is currently in rehab, to now the fact that Curtis Granderson will not play until at least the first week of May.  He was hit by a pitch in the forearm, and the news in the clubhouse was that he broke his forearm.  Granderson was a monster home run hitter, bombing them into the stands when Robinson Cano was in a slump.  He is a fast center-fielder who can chase down balls and run the bases swiftly.  I think the Yankees should start looking for younger and fresher players to start.  Jeter is growing older and nearing the end of his career.  The loss of Curtis Granderson will severely hurt the New York Yankees.
By Ameen I.

Yankees: What Else is New

The New York Yankees have been having a tough off season and it is getting worse as they have not gained any new power for any position. Also, Curtis Granderson was expected to start in left field and Brett Gardner to play center, instead he was hit in the hand in the top of the first inning disabling him from any play for the rest of the game. Curtis was hitting in the number five hole with a pair of runners on and two outs when there was a 2-2 count and pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, J.A Happ ran one a little too far inside and caught Granderson's right hand. His condition was not yet announced.

Also, Alex Rodriguez is in more trouble with his cousin, Yuri Sucart selling a replica 2009 Yankees world series ring that was giving to Sucart by A-Rod, but apparently never owned nor worn by A-Rod. It is being sold on an online auction website with an opening bid of 5,000 dollars. A-rod wasn't "available" to talk about it so his spokesman said "Alex Rodriguez made numerous replica World Series rings for friends and family. He didn't know that Yuri Sucart was selling one of them."

Finally the Yankees have some good news that Derrek Jeter will be ready to play on March tenth for a spring training game. That will leave Jeter with 19 spring training games before the Yankees play their rival the Boston Redsox on April first. Jeter should be in no way unable to perform on the opener unless he acquires another injury which isn't likely. So we are looking forward to seeing Jeter in action in only two weeks.

By David B.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Cuse fall to Otto Porter

The Syracuse Orange played hard, but definitely not hard enough as they came up short by 11 points to the eleventh ranked Georgetown Hoyas. The blame doesn't all go to Syracuse though some of it must go to Otto Porter Jr. the forward for the Hoyas who had 33 points and 8 rebounds. He also added 5 steals to his part of the box score.

For the 'Cuse they had almost no help from senior guard Brandon Triche who had made only 4 of his 13 shots, even though he had 10 points.But as usual C.J Fair a freshman played amazing with 7 rebounds and 13 points. Plus James Southerland who has been starting his games on the bench came out and played for 13 points.

I would like to say that you can't win a basketball game by yourself, but Otto Porter Jr. did he was the only player in double figures with 33 points except for Moses Ayagba who had 10 rebounds. If you ask me the Syracuse Orange played their worst at the free throw line shooting 66.7% as a team and the Hoyas had an excellent day at the line with a percent of 85.7.

By David B.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Villanova Creeping Up

  March is just around the corner, and that means that March Madness is about to begin.  With the NCAA March Madness Tournament coming up it means there will be more and more talk about which teams will be the number one seed and which teams are on the bubble.  I think the team that has a very good chance of making it into the tournament this year is the Big East team Villanova.  The Wildcats have upset very good teams in the Big East.  For example, they beat Louisville, part of the Cardinals' three game losing-streak.  Villanova also upset the Syracuse Orange.  After beating Louisville, Villanova edged out the Orange in an overtime thriller.  The Wildcats had sent the Orange into a two game losing-streak and a three game road losing-streak.  They will be a team to look out for, with their ability to drain three-pointers in clutch moments.
By Ameen I.

Turner to Free Agency

Micheal Turner rushed for 800 yards and 10 touchdowns this past season as the Falcons reached the NFC Championship Game. It was the fifth straight season in which he reached double figures in touchdowns. Then why would the thought to release him come up when he is supposed to make 6.9 million dollars this year? Especially if their is possibly no better running back possible to get. But that is exactly what the Falcons are likely to do.

    Micheal Turner Oozing star quality
According to Micheal Turner took a total of 503 snaps and an unknown player, Jacquizz Rodgers was on the field with Turner for 502 of those snaps. So could this unknown running back turn into a star? I honestly don't know yet. What do you think, post in the comments box!

By David B.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heat Bulls Preview

What do you think of when you here the Miami Heat? The big 3, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade? I think of LeBron James. He leads the Heat in every major category except blocks which is lead by Chris Bosh. He averages 27.2 points, 7 assists, 8.1 rebounds,and 1.7 steals.

Also the Heat have great players around the big three, like Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers. Allen averages about 10points per game and he is also a great three point shooter to have on your team. Plus,Chalmers is a good facilitator and he can also occasionally have games with big points although he only averages 7 points per game. But the best players on the Heat are still the big three, including Dwayne Wade and his 20.9 points per game, and Chris Bosh with 17.5 points per game and 7.1 rebounds.

For the Bulls they are lacking talent with Derrick Rose out for the season, but they are still making it work as they have a 31-22 record. Plus, unlike the Heat they are very spread out with not one star, but a team of players who are good at a couple particular things like, Joakim Noah who averages 11.5 rebounds and 2 blocks. Also, Carlos Boozer averages 15.7 points a game and 9.6 rebounds per game. They also have a good point guard playing well in for Derrick Rose with 5.3 points a game and 7 points a game with Kirk Hinrich. Plus, Nate Robinson is good to have on your team because he has 11.9 points a game and 4.1 assists.

Who do you think will come out on top? I think that the Heat will come out with a win. Post your opinion in the comments!

By David B.

Redick Traded

  J. J. Redick of the Orlando Magic has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.  It is no surprise that there was a trade today, with the trade deadline ending today at 3:00 PM EST today.  The trade also sent Gustavo Ayon and Ish Smith to the Bucks.  J. J. Redick is an excellent three-point shooter and has earned his reputation by doing that.  The Orlando Magic will receive Tobias Harris, Beno Udrih, and Doron Lamb.  There have been many rumors spreading that Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks was going to go to the Bucks because he wanted to play with Brandon Jennings, but now there is a much lower chance of that trade occurring.  It is no surprise for a trade on the day of the NBA Trade Deadline, so keep on visiting to see who gets traded where.
By Ameen I.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Player Watch

  I think there are two star players in the nation drawing attention and should receive a little more credit than they do.  One player is Victor Oladipo from Indiana and Shane Larkin from Miami(FL).  Victor Oladipo is receiving a plethora of national spotlight and has made many clutch buckets for the Hosiers this year.  Sure, he also has Cody Zeller, but Oladipo is doing a great job of rebounding and scoring, including tip-ins.  Shane Larkin is an amazing basketball player who can do almost everything on the basketball court.  He can drain three-pointers, no matter how heavily guarded he is.  Then, if he can't hoist up a shot, he can pass the ball to a big man and they can score.  Miami is a very experienced team, including Shane Larkin, which i why the Hurricanes are doing so well this season.  Both players have been major factors of their teams' winning and will continue to.  Every Wednesday I will be doing something similar to this, a player watch.  By Ameen I.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Major Trade Possibilities

  The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers have been involved in many trade talks.  The Clippers are looking to send DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe for Boston Celtics' center Kevin Garnett.  Garnett has been linked to many trade rumors this year and this one is the most publicized.  Also, Paul Pierce is linked to many trades, along with the injured Rajon Rondo.  Rondo might be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Dwight Howard.  Kevin Garnett doesn't like much change, so it seems like he wants to stay in Boston.  If the Clippers get Garnett, then they will be a very good team and a very fierce team.  If Paul Pierce goes to the Clippers, the Clippers would benefit greatly.  They would likely trade Lamar Odom for Pierce and the Clippers will have a strong front five.  The Clippers would have Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, and Chauncey Billups as possible point-guards.  Kevin Garnett has a rare trade clause, meaning he would have to waive it off.  Lamar Odom is currently signed with a one-year deal and hasn't been preforming well.  The head coach for the Clippers, Vinny Del Negro, only has one year left on his contract and needs to take the Clippers far this season to get an extension on his contract.  The Clippers have not extended his contract yet.  The trade that will most benefit the Clippers involves sending Paul Pierce to L.A. for Lamar Odom.  By Ameen I.

NBA Power Rankings

Here is ESPN Power Rankings compared to mine.

  1. San Antonio Spurs        ~ 42-12
  2. Miami Heat                   ~ 36-14
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder~ 39-14
  4. Los Angeles Clippers    ~ 39-17
  5. Denver Nuggets            ~ 33-21
Here is Front Row Report's (David B.)
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder~ 39-14
  2. San Antonio Spurs        ~ 42-12
  3. Miami Heat                   ~ 36-14
  4. Memphis Grizzlies         ~ 33-18
  5. Los Angeles Clippers    ~ 39-17
By David B.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Top Teams Shine

  The new college basketball rankings are out with the most elite teams in the nation.  There weren't as many upsets as last week.  Syracuse and Duke were teams that fell and it was very easy to spot on national scoreboards.  Now, the number one spot has been safer, with Indiana staying on top.  Miami looks like a brand new team with a 12-0 ACC record.  I think the player of the week is Victor Oladipo of Indiana because he is drawing spotlight and lifting his team along with Cody Zeller.  Teams have snuck in and out of the Top 25 this year.  The following list is the AP Top 25.

1) Indiana
2) Miami(FL)
3) Gonzaga
4) Michigan State
5) Florida
6) Duke
7) Michigan
8) Syracuse
9) Kansas
10) Louisville
11) Georgetown
12) Arizona
13) Kansas State
14) Oklahoma State
15) Butler
16) New Mexico
17) Marquette
18) Ohio State
19) Wisconsin
20) Pittsburgh
21) Memphis
22) Colorado State
23) Oregon
24) Virginia Commonwealth
25) Notre Dame                                                                                                                     By Ameen I.

Hurricanes Escape

  The Miami Hurricanes are having one of the best seasons in school history, with an undefeated record in ACC so far.  The Hurricanes almost got upset by the Clemson Tigers yesterday in a very low-scoring game.  The halftime score was only 18-16 with the Hurricanes on top.  College basketball has been seeing more and more low-scoring games.  The Tigers matched the Hurricanes in the second half, both scoring 27 in the second half.  That wasn't enough for the Tigers though; they lost 45-43.  Miami barely escaped an upset.  The Hurricanes now have an overall record of 21-3 and an ACC record of 12-0.  Clemson is now 13-12 overall, and 5-8 in the ACC.  Kenny Kadji had 12 points and 4 rebounds for the Hurricanes.  The Clemson Tigers were led by Jordan Roper, who had 19 points, 1 rebound, and 4 steals.  I think the Hurricanes are awake now and will win more games with bigger margins.
By Ameen I.

Three Straight Years

The West has been on top of the All-Star game for the previous 2 years and they made it 3 years last night. When the MVP award was given to Chris Paul who now has his name on a list of players including Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas. Because CP3 had 20 points and 15 assists he also would end with 4 steals.

 "You just want to play fast. I like to throw the lob. I like to see guys hit 3s," Paul said. That's Chris Paul for you. He likes to be the guy who doesn't get the job done with points, but assists.

It wasn't just CP3 getting the job done for the West they had plenty of help from Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. Durant lead all scorers with 30 points and he also had 7 rebounds. Griffin had 19 points and 2 steals. Also the West's bench played outstanding with Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden all coming in for over 10 points. Parker had 13 and 5 assists, Westbrook had 14 and 4 rebounds, and Harden had 15 with 6 boards.

The top performer from the East was quite obviously Carmelo Anthony who had 26 points and 12 rebounds leading his team in both categories. Dwayne Wade also played lights out with 21 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 7 assists. LeBron had 19 points and he was blocked twice by Kobe Bryant. Kyrie Irving had 15 points and 4 assists off the bench.

The game would end with the West on top 143 to 138. Which team do you think will win the All-Star game next year? Post in the comments box!

By David B.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ohio State gets Routed

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been having plenty of trouble not relying too much on DeShaun Thomas and that showed today. As Thomas was 1 of only 2 players in double figures for the Buckeyes and he had 18 points. He also was only 8 of 17 from the field. For the Wisconsin Badgers they were sharing the ball perfectly with 4 players with 10 or more points and they had one player with 9.

The Badgers were lead by junior guard, Ben Brust. But Brust does not play like any ordinary guard staying up top and assisting, but he was getting rebounds instead 11 of them and he was throwing down shots to, making 6 field goals for 15 points. Brust did have help though, a lot of it from Jared Berggren who had 4 blocks, 15 points, and 8 rebounds which is about all he can do as a center. Also, Sam Dekker came up big playing 28 minutes and had 13 points with a pair of steals.

On Ohio States side of the court they were dug deeper into hole with every one of Thomas's 9 missed shots. That whole they would not get out of and especially Aaron Craft couldn't he only had 4 points and definitely didn't play like former defensive player of the year with only 1 steal and no blocks. Although Sam Thompson played his heart out in his 28 minutes it wouldn't be enough even though he only missed 2 shots and had 10 points.

Before this game the Badgers were ranked number 20 and the Buckeyes were ranked 13. I want you to predict their rankings. I will say that I believe that the Badgers will move to the top 15 and the Buckeyes will fall to between 20 and 25. What is your opinion? Post in the comments!

By David B.

More Trade Talk?

  The Los Angeles Clippers have been involved in many trade rumors, and are yet again in the mix.  The first trade rumor involved Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett being traded to the Clippers.  It would send either DeAndre Jordan or Caron Butler.  That rumor has been put to rest, but another has come up.  The trade would involve sending Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers to the Utah Jazz.  The Clippers would receive Paul Millsap, who is having an amazing season so far.  I personally think that this trade will benefit the Utah Jazz the most because they will have a player who can do many things with his talents.  If Bledsoe wasn't on the Clippers, I think he would be receiving a lot more credit.  Both of these trade rumors, however, have been subtle and aren't drawing too much attention.  The rumor involving Kevin Garnett was quickly put to a rest and hasn't been a major headline.  I don't think either trade will take place.  My reasoning is the Clippers aren't making a big deal with these trades and frankly, they are young.  They don't need to bring in veteran players when they have youth, agility, and speed on their side.  By Ameen I.

Up and Coming Star

Kyrie Irving is starting to be the face of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since, that team does not have much talent then, he is sure to be the best on their team for a while. Even if they do get a high draft pick which is most likely.

I think that Kyrie isn't just the best player on the 'Cavs, but possibly the best second or first year player in the NBA. I say this not just because of his leading 32 points in the rising star game on Friday or because he will appear in the all-star game, but because he can score points and be a team player and a scorer.He averages 23.5 points per game and he averages 5.5 assists. Also, he leads his team with 35.3 minutes per game.

So do you think there is a rookie or a second year player better than Kyrie Irving? I don't, but I want to hear what you have to say so post your opinion in the comments.

By David B.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rivalry Trade?

  There have been many trade rumors involving Dwight Howard, but this one has been the most interesting this far.  The trade involves Boston Celtics' point-guard Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard of the Lakers.  Rondo is out for the rest of the season and possibly some of next year with a torn ACL.  Dwight Howard has been dealing with a shoulder and back injury.  Howard had back surgery this summer, and found his way to Los Angeles.  I think this trade will most benefit the Lakers for many reasons.  The first is the fact that Dwight Howard hasn't been able to stay healthy.  It is hard to grab a ball out of the air when you can barely move your arm.  Another reason is it will give rising star, Earl Clark, time to play.  Clark has been doing well this year for the Lakers, and it is diminishing the pressure on Dwight Howard.  The next reason is the Lakers will have another guard who can dribble, pass, and shoot.  If Rondo goes to L.A., then the Lakers will have three point-guards; Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Rajon Rondo.  Also, they will have youth and speed on their side.  Finally, there won't be was many off-court distractions and controversies.  The disadvantage for the Celtics will be that they won't have a star point-guard; it will most likely be Paul Pierce.  They also won't have youth on their side, making it hard to run up and down the court.  The Celtics would have to sub frequently.  I don't think this trade will take place though.  My thinking is that Rajon Rondo is going to speak up for himself and prove that he is a Boston Celtic.  By Ameen I.

One of the Oldest are Lost

The Olympics have been hosting wrestling as long as any other sport. The only sport that is older in the Olympics is the 200 meter dash. Wrestling has been around so long the Ancient Athenians of Ancient Greece used to teach it. Now the IOC executive board has voted to get rid of wrestling from the 2020 summer Olympics.

So many people are getting aggravated about this it is almost unbelievable that they would vote against it. For example, even wide receiver Roddy White is riled up, because he is a two time state champion himself in the sport. Also, the governor of Iowa now has a press conference on Friday to discuss his thoughts on the topic, plus the 1972 gold medalist Dan Gable will be joining him. The governor Terry Branstad is starting a campaign to keep the sport in the Olympics.

In the first year the Olympics came back from Ancient times in 1896 Athens wrestling was one of the sports, so why get rid of one of the oldest sports in history of the Olympics. It is also one of the most non expensive sports. Do you think that the IOC board did the right thing to get rid of wrestling? I definitely do not! I want to see what you have to say though, so post your opinion in the comments below!

By David B.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Super Bowl XLVIII Still Happening

  There have been many talks about Super Bowl XLVIII.  One of the reasons is the fact that it is in the New York/ New Jersey area.  It will be cold, possibly snowing, maybe even another winter storm "Nemo."  Another reason is the traffic.  Even without the Super Bowl, there is a plethora of traffic in the New York/ New Jersey area.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has been stressing that that the Super Bowl will take place.  It will be taking place in Metlife Stadium, which is shared by the New York Giants and New York Jets.  The Super Bowl is almost a national holiday, and I think it should take place no matter what.  Do you think the Super Bowl will take place next year?  Post in the comments!
By Ameen I.

The Other Hardaway

Tim Hardaway father of star Michigan Wolverine Tim Hardaway Jr. has been anounced as one of the finalists for the induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is only one of the 12 finalists who include Gary Payton, Maurice Cheeks, and Bernard King. Also some coaches are Guy Lewis who was a former coach of the Houston Cougars, and Rick Pitino the coach of the Louisville Cardinals. This is just one of the events to kick if the NBA's all-star break. The final people will be announced at the March Madness final four in April, they will have a trip to the Hall of Fame.

Which of the 12 finalists will get a vote from you? Mine goes to Bernard King. I don't know about you, but I'd like to! Post your opinion in the comments box!

By David B.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cook and Plumlee Lead Duke

The Duke Blue Devils were very sloppy in the beggining of the game, actually the whole first half. But they would come back to win the game. They were lead by two of the best players in the nation, Quinn Cook and Mason Plumlee. Plumlee had a double double with 11 rebounds and 18 points. Also, Cook had 18 points plus some of his best defense with 4 steals.

UNC (University of North Carolina) Tar Heals had some great players of their own, especially P.J Hairston who had 23 points, 2 blocks, and 8 boards. Also, James Micheal McAdoo, Reggie Bullock, and Dexter Strickland. Bullock and Strickland both had double digits, with 15 for Bullock, and 14 for Strickland. Plus, Bullock had 8 rebounds and McAdoo had 8 rebounds as well, but only 9 points. For the Blue Devils Seth Curry played good enough with 11 points and 6 boards.

Do you think Duke will be number 1 in the AP Poll? I do. Post your answer in the comments!

By David B.

Rose: Status

  Derrick Rose is still eyeing a return from a torn ACL.  He suffered this injury in the playoffs last season, when he should have been sitting on the bench to make sure he didn't get injured.  Now, Rose has many people telling him to come back quickly.  Surprisingly, The Chicago Bulls are in fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings without Derrick Rose.  Derrick Rose is thinking about not even playing this season.  He has been in full-contact play, but still there is possibility of him being out.  I think he should come back quickly, to remain in shape and help this team score.  Rose is a leader and needs to come back soon, for his fans and himself.  The only disadvantage of having him come back this season is the fact that his knee won't be strong enough and he will permanently damage his knee.  The following picture is of Derrick Rose clutching his knee right after he said he felt a pop; tearing his ACL.
By Ameen I.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long Lasting Rivalry: Continues

A long lasting rivalry has continued to go up and up, the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels. They will continue their seasons tonight a 9:00 EST.

The two players I can see exploding for big games are James Micheal McAdoo and Mason Plumlee. Plumlee is arguably the best player in the country being able to score and rebound the ball. Also, McAdoo does those things as well as anybody else,l except he doesn't get half as much recognition as Plumlee. McAdoo has an average of 14.9 points per game and 8.2 rebounds. So, why isn't he as well known? The Answer is because he can't lead his team to wins. Also, the Tar Heels have an extremely good forward or guard, Reggie Bullock. Bullock averages 14 points and he has an average of 5.6 boards. For Duke they have lots of talent around Plumlee. They have Quinn Cook, Seth Curry, and Ryan Kelly. Cook leads the Devils in steals and assists. He has 6 assists per game and 1.6 steals. Plus, he gets 11.8 points per game, an all around player. Seth Curry and Kelly are added bonuses they get 16.8 and 13.4 points per game while Kelly has 5.4 rebounds to match his 13.4 points.

I think that the (4) Blue Devils have to much talent to not beat this unranked Tar Heel team. That is my opinion, what is yours? Post who you think will win in the comments!

By David B.

Noel Finished

  Last night the Kentucky Wildcats were dominated by the Florida Gators.  That isn't the main storyline though, the main thing is the injury of Nerlens Noel.  When chasing after a defender on a hustle play, Noel banged his knee into the basket support and buckled his knee.  He was in serious pain, and the Wildcats had to carry Noel to the locker room.  The only good news out of this story is the fact that Noel did fly back with the team to Lexington, Kentucky.  Nerlens Noel has a torn ACL and will be out for the rest of the season.  This hurts the Wildcats in many ways.  For example, this team was getting back to normal and back to NCAA Tournament contention.  Now, Kentucky has a much lower chance of getting into the tournament.  This also hurts Noel's future career.  After sustaining an injury in college, he might not recover from it, meaning his knee won't have enough strength.  This could also affect his draft position if he enters the NBA Draft.  The team that selects him will have to make sure his knee is strong enough, then let him play.  We have seen these type of injuries to star players; Wes Welker, Adrian Peterson, and Derrick Rose.  Both Welker and Peterson are football players in the NFL.  Derrick Rose is on the Chicago Bulls, in the NBA and still isn't playing.  Peterson was the fastest to recover.  More and more ACL injuries have been popping up, but the rehab time has been getting shorter and shorter.  The usual time table for recovering from an ACL injury is 8-12 months.  Now, most recovering time is only 6-8 months.  I don't think Kentucky is going to be the team they were last season, and have to work extra hard to get into the NCAA Tournament in March.
By Ameen I.

Nuggets-Nets Preview

The Brooklyn Nets were in last place at this point last year and now they are in second place only trailing the Knicks by two games. As for the Nuggets they have played better then ever with out Carmello Anthony and Chauncey Billups, which delivered a shock to some people.

On the Nets side of the court they have a great team in the huddle with Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, and Andre Blatche. Since that is six players their amazing line up digs down to their bench. Blatche starts on the bench mostly, but when he is worked into the game he is great defensive player to have. Also, Brook Lopez is a great defensive player, averaging 2.2 blocks a game leading the two teams. Lopez also, averages 7.4 rebounds and 18.9 points. Plus, Joe Johnson is mainly used as an offensive weapon as he creates 16.8 points on average. Also, Williams leads the team in assists with 7.6. On the Nuggets team they are made of a core consisting of point guard Ty Lawson, forward Danilo Gallinari, guard Andre Iguodala, and forward / center Wilson Chandler. Iguodala is playing very well transforming from a Sixer to a Nugget as he averages 13.4 points a game. Also, Ty Lawson is a main source of points as well as Gallinari. Lawson averages 15.7 points and Gallinari averages 17.2 leading the Nuggets.

Who do you think will come out on top? I believe that the Nets will continue their fighting season with a win over the Nuggets, but it will be a close game. Post your opinion in the comments!

By David B.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michigan State - Michigan: Battle for Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines are working their way back up after losing their number one spot and now they are 4. They have a road block though, the Michigan State Spartans the rivals of the Wolverines are ranked 8 and they want to move up too. I think that if the Wolverines can put up a win then they can capture the number one AP poll spot.

The Wolverines have been lead by the same people all season. Sadly for the Spartans their leaders are in their starting line up, and they average over 10 points a game. Trey Burke is their biggest participator with an average of 18.2 points and over 7 assists. On top of that Tim Hardaway Jr. is also a big threat averaging 16 points and a .484 field goal percentage. Then, you have to worry about Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III. Stauskas averages 12.1 points playing center and forward while Robinson III has over an 11 point average and 5.5 rebounds per game.

On the Spartans side they have a great veteran leader with Keith Appling who has an average of 14.1 poimts and 4.1 assists. Also, they have 2 strong rebounders in Branden Dawson, and Adrien Payne. Payne averages 6.8 averages plus, he has an average of 9.5 points. While Dawson averages slightly over 10 points and only 6.5 rebounds per game.

Do you think that the Wolverines will be number one in the nation if they win. I do. Post your answer in the comments!