Monday, February 11, 2013

Illini Upset: Golden Gophers

The Fighting Illini who have never been ranked this whole season have pulled off a big upset over the Indiana Hoosiers. Yesterday they won 57-54 over the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Yet again the Illini were lead to victory by their guards Brandon Paul and D.J Richardson. They also had a great amount of help from forward Tyler Griffey. Griffey lead his team in scoring with 16 points. Richardson would be the only other players in double figures with Paul having 10 and Richardson having 13. It was obviously a low scoring game. The other team, the Golden Gophers had Trevor Mbawke and Austin Hollins leading them. Hollins had 16 points and 4 steals. Also, Mbawke would be the only other player with 10 or more points, but Elliot Eliason had 10 rebounds for the Gophers. Plus, if it weren't Tracy Abrams making a three pointer with 20 seconds left the Illini would have had a 1 point lead. That could have given the Gophers more will to play 'till the end.

Do you think that the Fighting Illini will be ranked find out on "Best Teams Reviled" (a post by Ameen I.).

By David B.

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