Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big East

  The Big East is one of the most difficult conference in the country.  I think that the most difficult conferences in the nation are the Big Ten, ACC, and the Big East.  Right now, I am focusing on the Big East.  The Big East is expected to have seven teams in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  Michael Carter-Williams from the Syracuse Orange is drawing attention for being the Big East Player of the Year.  In my opinion, Carter-Williams doesn't deserve the prestigious award.  Many players have risen this season.  Some of these players weren't eve heard of until this season.  Georgetown is in first place in the Big East after upsetting Syracuse in front of an NCAA record breaking crowd.  I think the Big East Player of the Year should go to Otto Porter of the Georgetown Hoyas.  He is an amazing player who can do the three things that every coach wants; to pass, shoot, and dribble.  Porter has had success against Big East foes in crucial games.  Otto Porter has led Georgetown in his years in college. He has been heavily guarded and still is scoring many of Georgetown's points.  I like the way that he doesn't get too fired up when he makes an important bucket, he remains humble.  Otto Porter reminds me of a player; Brandon Triche from Syracuse.  Every time either player drains an important basket, they remain quiet and get ready to play defense.  Although, Otto Porter is a better shooter than Brandon Triche and scores more points than him.  I think there are only two players who should be in the running for the Sixth Man of the Year race, James Southerland from Syracuse and Davante Gardner from Marquette.  Both players have faced off this season, Marquette coming out on top.  James Southerland has the ability to drain long distance threes and get some boards.  If he is tired he can jog over and be the trailer, and drill a three-pointer.  Davante Gardner is a big man and pushes people out to get rebounds, legally.  I like the way he uses his body to push defenders out and make space in the paint for himself to get the rebound.  Both players should receive more credit.  In my opinion, C.J. Fair from the Syracuse Orange doesn't receive the credit that he should be receiving.  Also, Russ Smith from Louisville.  C.J. Fair leads his team in rebounds and scores many of the Orange's points.  Russ Smith is a fast athlete with great cardiovascular endurance.  He has a great shot and can be relied upon in clutch moments.  Both of these players should receive more national spotlight and lead their teams to victories.  I think the most disappointing player of the year in the Big East is Peyton Siva from the Louisville Cardinals.  Last year he scared teams with his speed and passing abilities.  Now, he's barely an offensive threat for opposing teams.  He also backs down in rivalry games and doesn't score in the moments needed.  I think he needs to start scoring now, or else his career will start going down and won't return to hat he started at.  By Ameen I.

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