Monday, February 4, 2013

Comeback Come Short

The Super Bowl as most of you already know the winner was the Ravens, but the reason why is because I think the referees missed a clear pass interference on the last play of the game. Also the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco played just well enough to win the MVP as he had 3 touchdowns all in the first half and 287 yards with no interceptions. Which is really good even compared to Collin Kaepernick who had 302 passing yards and 1 passing touchdown. He also had 1 interception and 62 rush yards and 1 touchdown with his legs.

The comeback in this game wouldn't have happened if it weren't for a power outage in the beginning of the third quarter. Because it gave the Niners time to regroup after going down 21-6. Then the Niners exploded and scored 25 points in the rest of the game. The Ravens would only score ten points, but it was enough for them. Even though their running game was terrible the Ravens still pulled it out. The Ravens, Ray Rice had only 59 yards and no touchdowns compared to 49er's Frank Gore who had 110 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. The reason the Ravens won was because they spread the ball around to 7 different players and the Niners only gave it to 4 different players. Micheal Crabtree definitely did all he could with 1 touchdown and 109 yards and Vernon Davis had 104 yards and 6 receptions, both of them on the Niners. Boldin had 6 receptions and 104 yards for the Ravens. Even though Jacoby Jones only had 56 yards, but it was on one pass for a touchdown. Jones also had a 108 yard touchdown return the longest in play-off history.

Congratulations to the Ravens and Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP.

By David B.

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  1. While I wanted the 49ers to win, yesterday, the team that did the most to win the game, actually did doesn't always work out that way...the good news is that Kaepernick gave it all he had, and it looks like he'll be a force to be dealt with for years to come!