Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Teams Unveiled

  This week in college basketball was filled with upsets.  With four out of five teams in the top five were upset.  These four teams were Indiana, Florida, Michigan, and Kansas.  Kansas went on a three game losing-streak, and is still on their losing-streak.  The Jayhawks fell out of the Top Ten.  Kentucky is finally back in the Top 25.  To me, the most surprising thing was the fact that Indiana stayed at number one.  Indiana lost to Illinois, an unranked team that still isn't in the AP Top 25 Poll.  I think Victor Oladipo is the player of the week in all of America.  The following is the new rankings in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll.

1) Indiana
2) Duke
3) Miami(FL)
4) Michigan
5) Gonzaga
6) Syracuse
7) Florida
8) Michigan State
9) Arizona
10) Kansas State
11) Butler
12) Louisville
13) Ohio State
14) Kansas
15) Georgetown
16) Pittsburgh
17) Oklahoma State
18) Marquette
19) New Mexico
20) Wisconsin
21) Notre Dame
22) Memphis
23) Oregon
24) Colorado State
25) Kentucky                                                                                                                         By Ameen I.

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