Thursday, February 28, 2013

Steve Nash says He Would Join the Lakers Again?

As most of you know the Lakers have an unimpressive season with there record putting them in the bottom of their division. Plus, the Lakers have been having a major problem with team chemistry especially between players new to the Lakers, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, and 16 year Laker Kobe Bryant.

Steve Nash mentioned to the USA Today's Reporter that he would make the same decision ten out of ten times.

"It'd be nice, in some ways, to have a bigger impact on the game. You have to balance it with all the guys, all their needs and personalities. I embrace it. I really appreciate it. I could still be in Phoenix and have the ball in my hands the majority of the time and probably be out of the playoffs again, so it's worthy of trying something new -- especially since the upside here is potentially great," Steve Nash said this to the reporters of USA Today.

By David B.

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