Friday, February 15, 2013

Super Bowl XLVIII Still Happening

  There have been many talks about Super Bowl XLVIII.  One of the reasons is the fact that it is in the New York/ New Jersey area.  It will be cold, possibly snowing, maybe even another winter storm "Nemo."  Another reason is the traffic.  Even without the Super Bowl, there is a plethora of traffic in the New York/ New Jersey area.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has been stressing that that the Super Bowl will take place.  It will be taking place in Metlife Stadium, which is shared by the New York Giants and New York Jets.  The Super Bowl is almost a national holiday, and I think it should take place no matter what.  Do you think the Super Bowl will take place next year?  Post in the comments!
By Ameen I.

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  1. Absolutely I do....I remember going to Franklin Field in Phila back in didn't matter how much snow, wind or sleet came down on us...every seat was filled for every game and the Eagles were terrible back in those years....I for one am glad to see a cold weather staduium, without a dome, get the SuperBowl......looking forward to it.