Friday, February 8, 2013

Star Matchup

  Tonight, arguably two of the best teams are playing; the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers.  These teams have had great additions in the past few years, including players worthy of an MVP Award.  The Clippers have struggled to stay healthy, including Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Chauncey Billups.  This team can't win games if they don't have Chris Paul.  Paul's time out has taken a blow to this team, and they fail to score or win without him.  Meanwhile, the Heat are anything except that.  They've hardly had any problems this season.  They have managed to stay healthy, score, and pass the ball around.  The Big Three has done a good job in keeping this team in tact.  They have very high chances in making it to the NBA Finals.  LeBron James has had two monster seasons with many awards and accomplishments.  This season he is averaging 26.8 points, 7 assists, and 8.2 rebounds.  He is a player who can do everything; score, pass, and rebound.  Dwayne Wade has been connecting with LeBron James lately, a result of their many wins.  He averages 20.9 points and 4.6 rebounds.  Wade is listed as a game-time decision.  The other player who is listed as a game-time decision is Chris Bosh.  He has 17.5 points,7.1 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game.  The Big Three brings a whole new dimension to this team which other teams been so successful with.  Los Angeles is famous for " Lob City."  Blake Griffin is the receiving end of Lob City, and averages 18.5 points to go along with 8.6 rebounds.  He is listed as questionable for tonights game, proof that this Clippers team isn't staying healthy.  Chris Paul is averaging 16.6 points and a resounding 9.7 assists a game.  He is a main source of their offense, and if he's out, the Clippers won't win many games.  Finally, a big improvement is DeAndre Jordan.  He is the big man who is keeping this team in order.  DeAndre Jordan has 9 points,7.3 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game.  He does a great job of rebounding.  If he is trapped, he can kick it out to a teammate and they can score.  I am predicting that the Heat will come out on top.  My reasoning is the Clippers have too many injured players.  Whereas, the Heat don't have that problem, and they have players who can score off the bench.  This game will be on ESPN at 8:00 PM EST.
By Ameen I.

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