Monday, December 31, 2012

Boeheim ties Knight with 902 wins

After Syracuse destroyed Central Connecticut 96-62, it was official that Boeheim tied Bob Knight for 2nd all time coaching wins. The 'Cuse got a big boost from their 6'-6" point guard, Michael Carter-Williams who had 18 points and 13 assists. Jim hopes to put together another winning season at Syracuse. It could be his last year ever.

By Tarky L.

Coaching adjustments

7 coaches and 5 general managers were fired today by 1:30 EST. Including Lovie Smith who was unexpected by many people. He lead the Bears to a 10-6 season. The Bears record was 7-1 through the first half of the season, but the second half was an upsetting an 3-5. Smith has already received 4 job offers.

Also Andy Reid was expected to get the boot and he got it. Reid's last few seasons were not good, only winning the NFC east once in the past 4 years! On the other hand Reid did take the Eagles to 1 Super Bowl in his 14 years with the Eagles.

Chan Gailey the 15th coach of the Buffalo Bills was fired as well as the the other 6 coaches. Gailey served three years as the coach of Buffalo. His record was 16-32 in his short career as the Bills coach.

By David B.

Chick-fil-a Bowl: Crazy Ending

The #8 LSU Tigers took on the #14 Clemson Tigers in the 2012 Chick-fil-a bowl. It was a battle of the Tigers!
Tajh Boyd was really the game changer in this game for Clemson with an insane completion percentage of 71%. He also had 339 passing yards and 2 scores. At one point LSU lead 24-13 with 4:49 left in the 3rd quarter. In the forth Clemson managed a field goal, and then who else but Tajh Boyd with a 12 yard throw to DeAndre Hopkins for a TD with 2:47 left it the game! Now the score was 24-22 LSU lead and now Clemson was driving down the field. With 0:02 left in the game they called on kicker Chandler Catanzato. The kick was up, and it was good! Clemson wins 25-24!
Have anything to say about this game? Write it in the comments!

By Tarky L.

R. Woods enters draft

Star USC wide out Robert Woods has announced that he will be entering the 2013 NFL draft. Woods had 816 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns this year. He also had 1 rushing attempt that ended up going for 76 yards!
What round will Woods be drafted? I would predict probably either late 1st round or early to mid 2nd round. Have anything to say? Write it in the comments!

By Tarky L.

Rematch of Week 17

The number 6 seed Minnesota Vikings will face off against there week 17 foe the number 3 seed Green Bay Packers.
I'm sure of one thing that Adrian Peterson will be a large factor in the first round play-off game. While currently Peterson leads the lead in rushing yards with 2097.
Clay Mathews might be able to keep Peterson to minimum gains. Mathews has 13 sacks and 5 tackles for a loss. A.J Hawk will be right beside Mathews on defense with 120 tackles and 6 tackles for a loss.
I believe that the final score of the game will be Packers 24-Vikings 17. What do you think? Post in the comments!

By David B.

Staying in the Mountain West

After two years, the Bosie State Broncos will NOT be joining the Big East for any sports in 2013. This is a big blow for the Big East in football as Syracuse and Pittsburgh will be leaving to join the ACC for all sports next year. Rumors say that Uconn and Louisville want to leave the Big East too.
Besides Rutgers, The Big East have no more power house football schools. The conference as we know it may not exist in a few years. What do you think about this? Write it in the comments!

By Tarky L.