Monday, December 31, 2012

Coaching adjustments

7 coaches and 5 general managers were fired today by 1:30 EST. Including Lovie Smith who was unexpected by many people. He lead the Bears to a 10-6 season. The Bears record was 7-1 through the first half of the season, but the second half was an upsetting an 3-5. Smith has already received 4 job offers.

Also Andy Reid was expected to get the boot and he got it. Reid's last few seasons were not good, only winning the NFC east once in the past 4 years! On the other hand Reid did take the Eagles to 1 Super Bowl in his 14 years with the Eagles.

Chan Gailey the 15th coach of the Buffalo Bills was fired as well as the the other 6 coaches. Gailey served three years as the coach of Buffalo. His record was 16-32 in his short career as the Bills coach.

By David B.

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