Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rose: Status

  Derrick Rose is still eyeing a return from a torn ACL.  He suffered this injury in the playoffs last season, when he should have been sitting on the bench to make sure he didn't get injured.  Now, Rose has many people telling him to come back quickly.  Surprisingly, The Chicago Bulls are in fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings without Derrick Rose.  Derrick Rose is thinking about not even playing this season.  He has been in full-contact play, but still there is possibility of him being out.  I think he should come back quickly, to remain in shape and help this team score.  Rose is a leader and needs to come back soon, for his fans and himself.  The only disadvantage of having him come back this season is the fact that his knee won't be strong enough and he will permanently damage his knee.  The following picture is of Derrick Rose clutching his knee right after he said he felt a pop; tearing his ACL.
By Ameen I.

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