Wednesday, February 27, 2013

James Harden

  Many people have heard of James Harden, and seen his beard.  The common saying is "Fear the beard."  When Harden was traded from the Thunder to the Rockets, everyone thought it was a mistake.  The Rockets had also brought in Jeremy Lin from the New York Knicks.  Oklahoma City received Kevin Martin, a player who has improved his game greatly.  Most people thought Jeremy Lin would steal the spotlight in Houston, and Harden would be scoring when Lin was resting.  It has tuned out to be the complete opposite; James Harden is scoring many points and Jeremy Lin has been the side show.  I think James Harden is much better basketball player and leader.  My reasoning is that James Harden was around star players who found many paths to the basket.  Jeremy Lin only had the spotlight on him when star players for the Knicks were injured.  Also, Harden has been able to stay healthy and uninjured, keeping his confidence up.  However, Jeremy Lin banged up his knee last year and was out for the rest of the season.  A player usually can't scare an opposing player while sitting down on the bench.  James Harden scores consistently and doesn't show off very often; he barely ever shows off.  Jeremy Lin doesn't have consistent numbers in the points category.  He only averages 12.7 points per game.  I think James Harden is a better player for the Rockets.  He can score, dribble, and get the rest of the team involved when he is in a shooting slump.  Jeremy Lin is a better facilitator, because he uses his speed to get to the basket and dishes the ball off.  I think James Harden should receive more credit.  Soon, when the season is ending it's near, I think James Harden should be included in the MVP Award race.
By Ameen I.

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