Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yankees: What Else is New

The New York Yankees have been having a tough off season and it is getting worse as they have not gained any new power for any position. Also, Curtis Granderson was expected to start in left field and Brett Gardner to play center, instead he was hit in the hand in the top of the first inning disabling him from any play for the rest of the game. Curtis was hitting in the number five hole with a pair of runners on and two outs when there was a 2-2 count and pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, J.A Happ ran one a little too far inside and caught Granderson's right hand. His condition was not yet announced.

Also, Alex Rodriguez is in more trouble with his cousin, Yuri Sucart selling a replica 2009 Yankees world series ring that was giving to Sucart by A-Rod, but apparently never owned nor worn by A-Rod. It is being sold on an online auction website with an opening bid of 5,000 dollars. A-rod wasn't "available" to talk about it so his spokesman said "Alex Rodriguez made numerous replica World Series rings for friends and family. He didn't know that Yuri Sucart was selling one of them."

Finally the Yankees have some good news that Derrek Jeter will be ready to play on March tenth for a spring training game. That will leave Jeter with 19 spring training games before the Yankees play their rival the Boston Redsox on April first. Jeter should be in no way unable to perform on the opener unless he acquires another injury which isn't likely. So we are looking forward to seeing Jeter in action in only two weeks.

By David B.

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