Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of the Oldest are Lost

The Olympics have been hosting wrestling as long as any other sport. The only sport that is older in the Olympics is the 200 meter dash. Wrestling has been around so long the Ancient Athenians of Ancient Greece used to teach it. Now the IOC executive board has voted to get rid of wrestling from the 2020 summer Olympics.

So many people are getting aggravated about this it is almost unbelievable that they would vote against it. For example, even wide receiver Roddy White is riled up, because he is a two time state champion himself in the sport. Also, the governor of Iowa now has a press conference on Friday to discuss his thoughts on the topic, plus the 1972 gold medalist Dan Gable will be joining him. The governor Terry Branstad is starting a campaign to keep the sport in the Olympics.

In the first year the Olympics came back from Ancient times in 1896 Athens wrestling was one of the sports, so why get rid of one of the oldest sports in history of the Olympics. It is also one of the most non expensive sports. Do you think that the IOC board did the right thing to get rid of wrestling? I definitely do not! I want to see what you have to say though, so post your opinion in the comments below!

By David B.


  1. I was saddened when I first heard about this earlier this's such a character building sport....hopefully there will be enough people outraged to change this course....

  2. For some reason my last comment didn't show up. What I wrote was that the WSJ reported that they will meet again in May. So there is still a chance to save Olympic wrestling.