Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Smith to Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for a quarterback and they got one from the San Francisco 49ers, Alex Smith. This surprised me because I thought that having Geno Smith from West Virginia would have perfectly fit Andy Ried's running and throwing mixed style of offense. Especially because the Chiefs would have had the first found draft pick.

Also, since Alex Smith has hardly played this season and he might be a little unused to playing and getting hit each week. Even though his career numbers show him as a good player with a 30-10 TD-Int. ratio. While the other contending quarterbacks on the Chiefs average 21-38 TD-Int. ration, the Chiefs current quarterbacks are Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel.

I predict that the Chiefs will not pick a player such as Geno Smith in the draft but, maybe a defensive or offensive line player. What do you think? Post
 your answer in the comments!

By David B.

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