Thursday, January 3, 2013

NFL: 2013 Top 3 Rushers

The NFL has turned into a game of rushing. So the list of top rushers has grown and I'm giving you a list of what I believe is the top 3.

1. Adrian Peterson-Minnesota Vikings
Peterson not only leads all rushers just under 400 yards with 2097 yards he also is making a comeback season. Last year in December Peterson tor his ACL and MCL he needed reconstruction surgery. Most importantly Peterson lead his team to wins and the play-offs.

2. Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks
Marshawn Lynch has a total of 1590 yards and that is 3rd in the NFL. What puts him over Alfred Morris the rusher ahead of him in yards is that Lynch has a higher avg. of 5 yards.

3. Arian Foster-Houston Texans
Foster has the 6th highest amount of rushing yards with 1424 yards. He is this high on the list because he has the highest amount rushing touchdowns with 15. Foster is bigger than most running backs making him hard to tackle. 

By David B.

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