Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Fall of a Great One

Stan Musial was 92 when he died today. He gained the nickname of Stan the Man over his amazing 22 year Hall of Fame career. In this career he would be in the top five in two major categories, hits and RBI's.

People could make a good argument that Stan the Man Musial is the best player of all time. He has 3630 hits   which ranks at number four on the all-time list of hits only behind Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Hank Aaron. Also Musial wasn't the one to hit to many home runs, but he does rank at 28 on the list of homers, with 475. He did hit runs in though, in his 22 year career he would rack up 1951 RBI's, which is fifth on the list. The players ahead of him are Aaron, Ruth, Bonds, and Gehrig. Stan would also be at number 26 on the career batting average list. Over this career he would finish with a batting average of 331. Stan also had the ability to go for three bases, he had 8 seasons when he 10 or more triples.

I think that Stan was also a great man and he lived life to its fullest. He also had a great attitude.
photo.PNGBy David B.

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