Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ravens vs. Patriots

As most of you know the Ravens suffered an AFC Championship game loss to the New England patriots. Did you know that with that in mind the Patriots are still have a 9.5 percent lead in the predictions for the favorite to win Sunday's game against the Ravens.

I believe that the prediction is wrong and that they have an equal shot at this game as Patriots do. Although the Patriots offense is a force to be wrecked with. They have a star quarterback named Tom Brady who has lead his team to the Super Bowl last year, but came up short to a familiar foe the New York Giants who they lost to 3 years before. Also Brady has great running back behind him, Stevan Ridley who has a total of 1,263 yards this season and 12 touchdowns. An advantage is given to the Ravens though because star tight end, Rob Gronkowski has broke his forearm again and can't play next week.

The one major thing that keeps the Ravens in games and in the playoffs completely is there defense. Starring Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Both of these players are experienced veterans coming to ends of their careers. Reed has not had a stellar season, but he does have 4 interceptions and he brings experience to the locker room as well as the huddle. Ray Lewis has been out for half the season, the important thing is that he has come back and has played well.
Ray Lewis (Left) And Ed Reed (Right)

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