Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Struggling Lakers

Tonight the Los Angeles Lakers are going to visit the Memphis Grizzles.  The Grizzles had a very thrilling game against the Indiana Pacers, although they lost.  On the other hand, the Lakers are having one of the worst seasons in franchise history.  Veteran, Kobe Bryant, averages 29.2 points per game and 4.9 rebounds.  New addition, Steve Nash, averages 11.2 points per a game and a resounding 8.6 dishes a game.  The other new addition, Dwight Howard, averages 17.1 points a game, 12.3 boards, and 2.5 blocks.  Pau Gasol went out for a few games with a concussion, and when he came back head coach Mike D'antoni kept Pau on the bench.  Pau is still listed on the bench for the game tonight.  Pau Gasol is averaging 12.7 points, snatches 8.3 boards, and 1.4 rejections.  The Memphis Grizzlies have Marc Gasol, brother of Pau Gasol.  Marc averages 13.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks a game.  Zach Randolph averages 16.2 points and snatches down 11.6 boards.  Finally, Rudy Gay averages 17.5 points per game and 5.8 rebounds.  I predict that the Grizzlies will come out on top in this game, but it will be close.  My reasoning is the Lakers are on a skid and their frustration is going to build up and they won't be able to communicate to help themselves get better.  After the All-Star Break though, I think the Lakers will have a turn around season, just like the Boston Celtics did last year.
By Ameen I.

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  1. The Lakers team looks more like "The Lost Boys" is it that adding Dwight Howard has messed up this team so bad.......sad thing is that down here in Philly, radio talk shows are saying we should trade 3 of our young guys for DH.....doesn't sound like a good move to me....he sounds like trouble.