Monday, January 21, 2013

Thunder vs. Nuggets

Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder visited the Denver Nuggets.  In the first quarter both teams scored 25, and it was a very intense game.  However, in the second quarter the Nuggets barely outscored the Thunder 26-25.  The halftime score was 51-50 with the Denver Nuggets on top.  This game would not be boring at all; with these close scores people would not want to leave the television set.  In the third quarter the Nuggets outscored the Thunder 30-29.  This game was very high scoring too.  Finally, the Thunder outscored the Nuggets 30-28 sending the game into overtime.  In overtime however, the Denver Nuggets outscored the OKC Thunder 12-9.  The final score would be 121-118.  The OKC Thunder are now 32-9 and the Denver Nuggets are now 25-18.  As I predicted earlier, I knew this would be a close game with the Nuggets on top.  Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 37 points and 8 assists.  Russell Westbrook had 36 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists.  Russell Westbrook led the Thunder with rebounds and assists.  The Nuggets were led by Corey Brewer who had 26 points and 6 boards.  Ty Lawson had 11 points and led the Nuggets with 9 assists.  This was a very exciting game to watch.
By Ameen I.

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