Thursday, January 17, 2013

Knicks and Pistons

Today the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons played in London. The Knicks got off to a quick lead in the first quarter outscoring the Pistons 29-17. Carmelo Anthony led the game with 26 points. Carmelo scored 18 of those points in the first half. Amare Stoudemire added 17 and J.R. Smith added 16 points. Will Bynum of the Pistons led them in scoring with 22 points. Tyson Chandler of the Knicks led the team with 14 rebounds and he also added 10 points. Carmelo has now scored 20 points in 25 straight games.In the second quarter the Knicks still outscored the Pistons 27-24. The half time score was 56-41 Knicks. The Pistons were lucky this wasn't a college game, or else that would be the final score. Finally, in the third quarter the Pistons outscored the Knicks 22-19. At that time the Pistons should have felt momentum on their side. Sadly, in the fourth quarter the Piston were outscored by the Knicks 27-24. The final score was 102-87 with the Knicks on top. Maybe London is lucky for Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler because in the summer they won gold medals during the Olympics in the same stadium. Now the Knicks are 25-13 and will play the Brooklyn Nets on Monday. The Pistons are now 14-25 and will play the Boston Celtics. By Ameen I.

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