Monday, January 14, 2013

A Golden Year

Micheal Jordan's Golden City Warriors are having a year unheard of. A year the the Warriors have start of 23-13 with a winning percentage of .629. Then two of the best teams in the league, the Bulls, and the Celtics. The Bulls have a record of 20-15. The Celtics are 19-17.

Last year the Warriors were 23-43 under coach Mark Jackson. Jackson was fired and now not even half way through the season and they already have as many as last years wins. This season would not be possible without two players, Stephen Curry and David Lee. Lee plays power forward and averages 10.6 rebounds leading the Warriors and 19.9 points a game. While only point guard Stephen Curry has more points a game with  20.5. Curry also leads the warriors with 1.6 steals, minutes per game, 38.1 and 6.6 assists. The only two people close to Curry in minutes per game would be, David Lee, 37.6 and shooting guard Klay Thompson with 35.2. 
The Warriors will have to play the 24-11 Miami Heat on Wednesday for the second time this year. The first game ended in a shocking Warrior win, maybe they can do it again. You will find out after the 10:30 EST game on ESPN.
By David B.

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