Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A "Block Buster" Trade

There is what could be the biggest trade of the whole season. Since the off-season not many players had switched teams. Also not many trades are going to top this one since it is later in the season. Now the Memphis Grizzlies have made a block buster trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The trade consists of future first round draft pick in Jon Leur.

The Cavaliers have made many trades since the leaving of now Miami Heat star, LeBron James. This time they are going after a big man in Mareese Speights. Also Josh Selby and Wayne Ellington will be packing their bags and fliing from Memphis to Cleveland. Speights has not been playing very well this season he averages less than 7 points and less than 5 rebounds. Maybe with more playing time in Cleveland that can change. Ellington and Selby are having the same types of slumpy seasons with Ellington averaging only 5.5 points per game and Selby is even worse averaging with only 2.0 points per game.

By David B.

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