Sunday, January 13, 2013

San Francisco vs. Green Bay

Colin Kaepernick earned the starting job by having a breakout game when Alex Smith was injured with a concussion.  Aaron Rodgers was coming off a game against the Minnesota Vikings.  The San Francisco 49ers were playing the Green Bay Packers last night and the 49ers completely demolished the Packers.  Last night Colin Kaepernick passed for 263 yards and ran for a quarterback-record 181 yards to go along with two touchdown passes to Michael Crabtree and two touchdown rushes.  This was Kaepenick's first playoff game.  On the other side of the field, Aaron Rodgers finished with 26 of 39 for 257 yards and two touchdowns and an interception.  Colin ran for scores of 20 and 56 yards on the way to topping Michael Vick's rushing mark of 173 yards.  Frank Gore and Anthony Dixon each added 2 yard touchdown runs in the fourth quarter.   As a child, Aaron Rodgers was a huge 49ers fan.  When he was in the 2005 NFL Draft the 49ers chose over Aaron and he was drafted to the 49ers.  When he was asked how he felt when the 49ers skipped over him he said how sorry are the 49ers going to be when I'm not on the 49ers. The final score would end up being 45-31 with the 49ers on top.

 By Ameen I.

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  1. I was really routing for Aaron Rogers and the rest of the Packers......but, WOW.....Collin Kaepernick was amazing!! who I heard this morning on our local sports talk radio that the Phila Eagles could have picked Kaepernick in the 2011 draft but they chose to take Watkins.....the firefighter who can't even get on the glad Andy Reid is no longer torturing Eagle fans!!