Thursday, January 10, 2013

Atlanta vs. Seattle: Preview

On Sunday night the #1 Atlanta Falcons play their first play-off game this year against #6 Seattle Seahawks. The Falcons have had a bad past in the play-offs with a record of 0-3 with Matt Ryan as their quarterback.

Overall the Falcons are the 51% favorite to win this game. This number came out of 10,000 simulations. The reason I would not pick the Falcons to win this game is that the Seattle Seahawks have a wild cat offense. Giving them the choice to hand it off to running back Marshawn Lynch, pass to Golden Tate or Sidney Rice, or run with quarterback Russel Wilson. Also this Seattle defense has put up very good numbers lead by corner back, Richard Sherman, who has 8 interceptions. Defensive end Chris Clemons also does his fair share with 11.5 sacks.

The other team will be the Falcons who had a 13-3 regular season. This team is lead purely by their offense, which consists of quarterback Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, and last but, not least Tony Gonzalez. White and Jones have a total of 2,549 yards receiving, and they have a total of 17 touchdowns. Tony Gonzalez also has 93 receptions and 930 yards for 8 touchdowns. Also Matt Ryan ties Peyton Manning with 68.6 completion percentage. Ryan threw for his best season yet, with 4,719 and 32 touchdowns.

 By David B.

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