Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RG3 Rookie of the Year

RG3 had an amazing season and he had plenty competition for the rookie of the year award, but he prevailed. Even with Doug Martin running for 1454 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. Also Andrew Luck had 4374 pass yards and 23 touchdowns.

 Robert Griffin the third has had what one say an amazing season. He had a total of 27 touchdowns, 7 of them coming off runs. He also had an impressive 815 rush yards with 3200 passing yards. Also he showed persistence in his final rookie game, when he insisted that he stay in the game to coach Mike Shannahan. Shannahan put him in and he ended up tearing his MCL, ACL, and LCL off a bad snap he tried to grab. When he went down his knee bent in ways it is not supposed to and he might not play deep into the season next year. RG3 also had no help in the passing game with many of his receivers missing perfectly thrown balls. He completely deserved this high honor.
 By David B

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  1. There were several great candidates but I do think RG3 deserved this honor.....the courage he showed throughout the year, in addition to the talent he's been blessed with are amazing.