Monday, January 21, 2013

Lakers vs. Raptors

Last night the struggling Los Angeles Lakers visited the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors have gone down ever since Chris Bosh left to go to the Miami Heat.  The Lakers haven't been themselves lately, even with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.  Yesterday Dwight Howard was called for two technical fouls, so he was ejected from the game and had to take an early shower.  In the first quarter the Raptors outscored the Lakers 29-20.  In the second quarter the Lakers came back and outscored the Toronto Raptors 29-24.  The halftime score was 53-49 Raptors.  In the third quarter, the Raptors had a surge and outscored the Lakers 30-21.  Finally, in the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers outscored the Raptors 33-25.  That wasn't enough for the Lakers to beat the Raptors though.  The final score was 108-103 with the Toronto Raptors on top.  Although, Kobe Bryant had 26 points and 5 assists.  Earl Clark scored 14 points and snatched 14 rebounds, a double-double.  Steve Nash had 16 points and 9 assists.The Raptors were led by Jose Calderon who scored 22 points and 9 assists.  Landry Fields had 18 points and 10 boards.  This doesn't look good for the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Toronto Raptors are now 15-26.  Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers are 17-23.
By Ameen I.

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