Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Trade

Yesterday there was talk about a Memphis Grizzlies player being traded, Rudy Gay.  Today it was made official that Rudy Gay is packing his bags and is headed to Toronto.  When he found out he was being traded, he said,"I came to Memphis as a 19 year old boy, and have left as a 26 year old man."

The only reason this worked out for the Grizzlies was that it got them more money.  There are also many other great players involved in this trade.  This trade was a three team trade, involving the Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Toronto Raptors.  Both the Raptors and Pistons aren't having great seasons after losing their star players in the past few years.  For the Pistons, one of their main sources of offense, Tyshaun Prince, is now part of the Memphis Grizzlies, being part of the trade.  Jose Calderon was traded to the Grizzlies, but was then traded by the Grizzlies to go to Detroit.  The Raptors are now getting Rudy Gay, a player with experience and he is a great player.  This might help the Raptors if they get one more star player.  If they do that I believe that they will make the playoffs this year.  To clarify who went where, here is a chart,  showing which team  received a player.  By Ameen I.


Ed Davis
Austin Daye
Tayshaun Prince


Rudy Gay
Hamed Haddadi


Jose Calderon                                                                    

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