Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New York Jets

This season has been an ugly one for the New York Jets. In the last four seasons Rex Ryan has coached the Jets to two AFC Championships. The last two seasons though, have been an 8-8 record, and this season a 6-10 record. After the season ended I was surprised when Rex Ryan wasn't fired. Rex Ryan does have some excuses, like the early season foot injury Santonio Holmes had, tight end Dustin Keller, and for some of the season, Tim Tebow. When Tebow first arrived in New York most people were expecting the Jets to have a winning season with the wildcat formation. Surprisingly, Tebow was not used much throughout the season. Even when Tebow was in the game, he was receiving criticism. The only reason the Jets brought Tebow was to run the wildcat, so when defenses played Tebow they packed the line of scrimmage and stopped Tebow. To me, the most surprising news was that offensive coordinator, Tony Sporano, was fired at the end of the season. The not-so-surprising news was that GM, Mike Tannenbaum, was fired.
Do you think the New York Jets are going to have a winning season next year? What do you think the Jets record will be next year? Post it in the comments! By Ameen I.

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