Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Green Bay vs. San Francisco

The Packers will face off at 8:00 Saturday EST. The Packer's will come into this game with a record of   11-5. On the other side of the ball the 49er's record is 11-4-1, but the 49er's have the second seed and the Packer's have the third seed.

One player that doesn't get enough recognition is 49er's defensive lineman, Aldon Smith. Smith has 19.5 sacks and he has 66 tackles. He leads this Niner's defense in sacks. Which is no surprise considering the number of sacks he has. If you want the Niner's then you want him to get pressure on Rogers. The one thing that won't show up on the stat sheet that he can do is get pressure, force throws, and keep the team motivated. 
On the other hand there is the Packer's offense which is lead by Aaron Rogers, who is coming off a wild card round win over the Vikings. The past 4 games for Rogers he has had an outstanding 11 touchdowns and no interceptions. During the season he averaged 0.7 interceptions and 2 plus touchdowns with a completion percentage of 60%. But if Rogers has at least one turn over the Packers become the 42% under dogs.
Collin Kaepernick has become the starter during the season for former starting quarterback Alex Smith. Kaepernick has collected a completion percentage of 58%. He also has an average of only 0.8 turn-overs per game. And if he has less turn-overs than Aaron Rogers the Niners have a 63% edge. Although the Packers are given a 52% edge.
By David B.

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