Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MLB Drug scandal

Only a few days ago a few baseballs rising stars including Melky Cabrera, and Gio Gonzalez failed a performance enhancing drug test better known as PED's. Those names are not the most shocking of the names though, it is Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has been caught before in the act of taking PED's, but why would he do it again?

This information was on record and given to an employee at Biogenesis of  America before it was closed last month. The drugs were sold also given to Manny Ramirez who got a 50 game suspension when he was caught for using the drugs. The record show that the drugs given, were PED's, including human growth hormone, testosterone, and anabolic steroids. Miami is now considered by many including ESPN "ground zero" for the PED's.

It is reported that A-Rod paid 3500 dollars for the PED's and other drugs. Another player was found on the list of drug buyers and takers, Nelson Cruz who is the reason that the Rangers did so well in the post season.

Do you think that these players teams would have succeeded as well as they did if these players didn't take steroids. Post in the comments.
                   By David B.

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  1. Philly sports talk radio was abuzz today talking about PED's being taken by athletes in all sports today....the consensus seems to be that the focus is more on baseball players than any other athletes....is it wrong...yes, on many levels...the most important one to me is the longterm impact it has on the athletes life after sports, but it seems the athletes aren't smart enough to think that far ahead....sad, ver sad......