Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hall of Fame

It turns out that NOBODY at all will get a plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. SO what does this mean for the Hall of Fame. Does this decrease the meaning of the Hall of Fame to some people.

The likes of the people that will not be admitted to the Hall of Fame include one of the best second basemen ever, Craig Biggio. Craig got 68% of the votes. Sadly Biggio has the highest vote, but he still didn't make the 75% cut. The next best came in at 67.7, Detroit's Jack Morris. Jeff Bagwell showed up at number 3 on the list. He had 59.6%. In my mind with him not in the hall the best first baseman of all-time isn't in the Hall Fame. Next on the list is Mike Piazza played catcher and he had 427 home runs and a career 308. batting average. Piazza only got 57.8%.

             Craig Biggio                  Jack Morris                 Jeff Bagwell              Mike Piazza

Barry Bonds had 36.2%, Roger Clemens had 37.6, Dale Murphy had 18.6, Mark Mcguire had 16.9, and Sammy Sosa had only 12.5!

If you could choose one person who didn't make it. Who would it be? Post in the comments!

By David B.

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