Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's Next for RG3?

Robert Griffin III or RG3 has suffered an injury that will keep him out for a while, possibly the whole off season.

The injury was a tear in his ACL and his LCL. Doctors are know saying that the injury could be the aftermath of an older injury. Griffin tor his ACL in 2009 playing for Baylor. And Griffin was sent to Florida Tuesday for tests and surgery.

This might lead to a sophomore slump, when you have an amazing rookie season and your next year you have a slumpy season. I believe this because if the injury is as bad as it is thought to be then RG3 could miss some of the Redskins regular season games. If this is true what will be the fate of the Redskins? Post in the comments with your answer!

            By David B.

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  1. I heard on the ESPN Mike and Mike show this morning the RG3 will undergo a total reconstruction of the knee today...what a shame....there is much blame to go around for this....a young overzealous athlete who wants so desparately to make his mark on the NFL, a coach who wanted so badly to win that he has jepardized this young man's future career, an owner who, well who knows what he's thinking, and a sideline doctor who should have known better than to say this young man was up to the riggers of an NFL game where the other teams defense sole focus was to put RG3 out of the game....shame, shame, shame.