Thursday, April 4, 2013

Valverde Sent Down

The Tigers Jose Valverde who two years ago had 30 saves without a blown save, and ended with 49 saves. He also had an ERA of 2.24. Well last year he had an ERA of 3.78 and he was 35 for 39 on save attempts, so this year he was given a Minor League contract by the Tigers.

This two year ago perfect Valverde has turned into a minor league pitcher replaced by Phil Coke. It's almost like Lights out Lidge the year he lead the Phillies to a World Series with 41 saves, then the next year having a 31/42 save year.

I think that Valverde has the confidence and skill to get back to the Majors this year, what about you? Post your opinion in the comments!

By David B.

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  1. Your analogy to Brad Lidge is right on's part of what makes Baseball the best's do difficult to repeat year after year (unless your'e Mariano Rivera)...great commentary!