Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boeheim's Not so Shiny Moment

The Championship game will be the Louisville Cardinals against the Michigan Wolverines, decided after yesterdays game between the Wolverines and the Syracuse Orange. The Orange were down by the largest half-time deficit they have faced all year long, 11 points. They made their run though tying the game, but they fell short in the end with a final score of 61-56.

The top performers this game were CJ Fair and Brandon Triche of Syracuse, and Mitch McGary of the Wolverines. McGary had 12 rebounds and 10 points at center with 6 assists. Triche had 11 points and 8 assists, while CJ had 22 points 6 rebounds. If it weren't for Triche fouling out on a arguable charge call the Orange might have pulled off the win. Because after a free throw the Orange were down 3 points with ball, but sadly in Trevor Cooney's hands, this was possibly the worst play ever drawn up by Boeheim. I have no Idea why he would want a 6-4 freshman that hardly plays to drive.

Maybe the Orange would have tied it with time expiring if the ball was in CJ Fairs hands, James Southerland, or even Jerami Grant's. That just isn't how it worked out and the Orange would lose in the Final Four in their first appearance since 2003, when Carmello Anthony and Gerry Mcnamara lead them to a championship. This time it's Michigans' time to try and win it all. So good luck to both competitors, Louisville and Michigan!

By David B.

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  1. Great commentary on a good game, tough loss for SU but they gave it all they had....we only caught the last 10 minutes of the game because we were at the Phillies game, biting our nails through 8 innings of sluggishness....but the bottom of the 9th made it all wothwhile.....