Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FGCU Hires New Coach

The team of used to be nobodies and now a well known name around the world, FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast) has hired a new coach. After Brett Comer and Sherwood Brown took them farther than any other 15 seed has gone in the tournament, the Sweet Sixteen they had a little bit more money for their basketball program and they hired a new coach.

The coach is Joe Dooley, he is a former assistant coach from KU (Kansas University) he has been an assistant to Bill Self, himself for almost ten years now. In that time, the Kansas Jayhawks produced 300 wins, 9 straight Big 12 titles and 6 Big 12 tournament championships. They've reached the round of 16 six times, 5 Elite Eight trips and 2 Final Fours. They won the tournament in 2008.

By David B.

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