Sunday, April 28, 2013

LeBron Carries Heat to a Clean Sweep

The Miami Heat have swept the Milwaukee Bucks. They have won the first four games of the first round seven game series and the Heat will advance to play in the second round against an unknown team. It will either be the Knicks or the Celtics.

Ray Allen and LeBron James took control for the Heat and were knocking down shots left and right. James had 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists, while Allen had 7 rebounds and 16 points to put the Heat into the second round.

Monta Ellis and Larry Sanders did their best to keep their Bucks in this game when the Heat were running away with it. Ellis had 21 points and 8 assists his big man Sanders had 7 points, but a bigtime 11 rebounds.

Even if the Bucks stayed alive and won this game they would still have to win 3 more after this in a row against the best team in the NBA. Their odds of coming back from 3-0 is so small it has never been done before in all of the seven game series sports.

By David B.

The picture was edited by Ameen I. one of our personal editors- he also has an instagram where his edits are posted- @Fly_graffix

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