Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Andrus Extension

Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers has just agreed to a contract of 120 million dollars for 8 years. This is a contract extension given to him by the Rangers.

Andrus is the fourth highest WAR leading shortstop since 1970. He is only behind Robin Yount, Cal Ripken Jr. and, Alex Rodriguez.

Name                    WAR    OPS   HR
Alex Rodriguez27.6.914148
Cal Ripken22.3.84582
Robin Yount14.8.67234
Elvis Andrus12.8.69514
 This is a chart of the top 4 WAR leaders since 1970.

In my mind Andrus deserves this pay almost more than anybody else, that's my opinion whats yours. Post your opinion in the comments!

By David B.

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  1. First please let me say that I'm thrilled that Baseball has started and I look forward to many baseball stories from "Front Row Report". While I agree that the Rangers young Elvis Andrus is a great talent, I'm always hesitant with these long term contracts.....so many things can happen to anyone over 8 or 10 years...hope this young man stays healthy and productive....I'm sure the Yankees had hoped ARod was not going through the physical problems he's had over the past 3 years...