Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Come Back

The Boston Bombing suspect had been taken into custody and if he wasn't authorities said that he would have bleed out and died from most likely being shot in the shoot out that killed his brother. 
It has been discovered that he went to a party the day before the marathon and acted normal. This has been confirmed by people at the party who were peers or associates of the mass murderer.

The sports world in Boston is benefiting from the capture of the prime suspect and almost indefinitely the bomber. Their spots such as the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox home games will be played today and everything is supposed to go from chaos one day to business as usual the next. 

"Watching those claps and cheers," Shane Victorino of the Boston Red Sox said, "and now to take the field in front of those same people and fans, to see the joyfulness and happiness brought out, that makes today a special day for me."

The former career Phillie, Victorino means that he will go back to nornal and play his heart out, not just for a manager but for the fans that fill the seats at Fenway Park.

By David B.

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  1. It's good to see that they've returned to normal. Or as normal as they can be after the horrible events of last week.