Friday, April 12, 2013

Carrasco Running With the Law

The Cleveland Indian's ,Carlos Carrasco, just simply can't stay out of trouble, in two years he has been suspended for intentionally hitting a batter. Sadly for the Yankees they are being beat up enough, but this time it was Kevin Youkilis.

His first victim was in 2011 and it was Billy Butler who was hit, he served 5 games for that. This time it was on Tuesday and his penalty was just decided to be an 8 game suspension due to this being his second offense.

The Indians manager ,Terry Francona, said he believed his pitcher that he didn't do it, but also acknowledged the fact that it didn't look good and understood that the Yankees were upset. The Yankees did end up winning 14-1 in a blowout and the Bombers have been getting by without most of their talent, Derek Jeter, Mark Texiera, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez. They do still have Cano and his presence was made known with a 2 run homer off of Carrasco before his early game ejection.

By David B.

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  1. This is just another example of a punk behaving badly....until he gets suspeneded for say half a season, and his salary deducted for the same time period, the owners and coaching staff will just let these things continue to happen....really bad examples for young people.