Monday, April 29, 2013

The Jets

The Jets have a large quarterback situation with five different quarterbacks and one that was released. Sadly for him, Tim Tebow and legend to this generation has been released to free agency and Mark Sanchez, Matt Simmons, Greg McElroy, David Garrard, and Geno Smith were kept.

The quarterbacks are all competing for the top spot at the QB position in Rex Ryans book. Ryan is the coach and many don't think he should be due to his poor judgement.

The best quarterback here in my book is Greg McElroy who proved himself last year like Tebow had with the Broncos, McElroy only got to play a couple games though when Mark Sanchez struggled.

Geno Smith is the worst in my book, he couldn't lead a good team of West Virginia Mountaineers to bowl win against the Syaracuse Orange in the Pinstripe Bowl. Also, he only had a 7-6 record with West Virginia this year.

By David B. Photo by Ameen I. Follow him on Instagram @flygraffix

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