Friday, April 12, 2013

Durant Fined 25k

On Thursday night the Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant made a great dunk and his celebration was to pretend to slice his throat. It was called a 'menacing gesture' and he was fined 25k for this simple act of celebration. I think that he should not have been fined 25k for something as small as that, but it wasn't just that.

Durant made the dunk after Russell Westbrook made a block on Stephen Curry and Durant corralled the ball and took it to the other end of the floor for a monsterous dunk. He then made a slice motion across his neck and then crossed his hands in prayer. The thing that really set off the media and the fans was what he said.

"Kill 'em and pray for 'em after the game," Durant said.

That is what I call unacceptable, if he had just kept it at that simple gesture he probably wouldn't have been fined, but the words are what set people off.

By David B.

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  1. It is becoming more and more apparent that today's athletes just "don't get it"....some of them just don't understand or care about how badly they behave and with all the money they make they think rules and common courtesy just don't apply to them....sad......very sad.