Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baseball Wrap Up

Cincinnati Reds outfielder, Ryan Ludwick, is expected to miss up to 3 months due to surgery on his right shoulder. Chris Heisey will replace Ludwick as the full time outfielder in left field. Heisey has spent the last couple of years as a replacement and he has a great bat, especially for the long ball. Heisey hit 3 in one game last proving his power.

The Rangers have had a great series with the Astros after losing the first game 8-2. They have not allowed a run to the Astros since proving their skill. Their skill was proved the most when Yu Darvish threw a pefect game until the 27th batter came up and wrecked it. The last The final score of this game would end, 4-0, Rangers on top!

The mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed, has requested a meeting with the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. He will discuss moving the Oakland A's to San Jose. This was denied 4 years ago, because the San Francisco Giants decided that they didn't want their to be too much competition for fans. I think it is a great idea for the A's to move their club from Oakland.

By David B.

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