Monday, April 29, 2013

Kings Shall Stay

The Sacramento Kings weren't able to make the playoffs, and were about to move to Seattle, Washington. The Brooklyn Nets moved to Brooklyn this season and had one of the best seasons in the franchises' history. The Kings didn't have a very impressive season and were hoping that moving will help.

Now, news has been released that the Sacramento Kings will be staying. The NBA has voted for them to stay in Sacramento, California. I personally think that moving to Seattle would have been better for the league and the Kings. There used to be a franchise, the Seattle Super Sonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City. If the Kings moved it would put Seattle back on the map. Many people were executed for the Kings to move. There are also other teams in the state of California. There are the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and the 
Golden State Warriors.

The Kings can only do one thing: Hope the 2013-2014 season starts quickly. If the Kings get a good start next season, it could change their whole franchise. I am hoping to see the Kings bring in an outside shooter who can also bring the ball up the court. By Ameen I.

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