Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Bombers NEW Injury

The Yankees veteran pitcher, Andy Pettitte was experiencing back spasms lately and they started during the Bombers game against the Baltimore Orioles. Pettitte did throw 7 innings of one run ball that game and he played great.

The bad part is it has gotten to the point where he has had his start moved back. He will pitch on Tuesday or Wedensday against Arizona the official date has not been assigned to Pettitte.

"I would love to just go out there and try to pitch, and I'll get through it like I got through it in Cleveland," Pettitte mentioned to reporters before the Yankees faced the Baltimore Orioles. "They're not going to allow me to do it with an opportunity to push me back several days."

Pettitte's Yankees are having a decent season with a record 4-4 and they have won 3 straight, but it may be hard to continue with all of their injuries and new ones adding on.

By David B.

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  1. I've always been a Pettite fan, and the Yankees really can't take too many more injured players and we're only in April......the injuries through out the league seem to be up even higher than they were last year..