Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where does Barkley go from here?

Matt Barkley spent his college career at USC with a very talented receiving crew including Marquise Lee and Robert Woods leaving him with talented targets to throw to.

So what could have held quarterback Matt Barkley back after his previous great season? I believe it was the pressure from the rush and also the pressure from being under the spotlight. For example could the fact that Barkley threw 15 interceptions, double of what he threw last be due to the fact that he rushed his throws with a blitz coming? I think a quarterback in this mind set would not do well in the NFL. On top of this Barkley has a history of injuries to his collar bone, which he missed over a month and a half for in his college career. He also missed this years final regular season game and the Sun bowl against Georgia Tech. I believe a quarterback with his history would not make a good franchise quarterback.

So the draft ranking for Barkley in my opinion would be that he would go around the 45th total pick in the draft, which would be the 13th pick in the second round. Predict his draft ranking in the comments!

By David B

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