Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rose Bowl Battle (play by play)

Stanford won the coin toss against the Wisconsin Badgers and the first couple minutes were slow. Then Stanford tried a flea flick pass that took them 34 yards to the 16 yard line. This pass was to Jamal-Rashad Patterson from Kevin Hogan. The next play was a reverse hand-off drawing the defense with a fake then giving it Kelsey Young for a 16 yard touchdown. Stanford makes a stop against Wisconsin and then Kevin Hogan threw another heave to Zach Eartz while taking a painful hit. Then Stephan Taylor takes a hand-off up the middle for a 3 yard touchdown.

The Badgers lead a long drive lead by key blocks made by Full Back Derrick Watt brother of JJ Watt. Then Montee Ball scored but it was called back for holding on the offense. Two plays later Jacob Pederson took the ball to the 3 yard line making it fourth down. The Badgers went with a running back direct snap to James White and was stopped short. Then, Stanford was forced to a three and out.

Montee Ball sat out for a whole 5 play 2:00 drive. Then was put in for the final play to get an 11 yard touchdown run set up by a big block by Derrick Watt.

Stanford marched 47 yards down the field in 7 plays, set up by back to back runs by Anthony Wilkerson and several passes to Ty Montgomery. This led to a 47 yard field goal made by Jordan Williamson to make this game 17- 7 with Stanford on top of Wisconsin.

Two straight punts were forced one for Wisconsin and one for Stanford with only 3:02 left in the first half.As the clock is winding down Montee Ball starts leading the Badgers down the field with three timeouts. Then a huge 38 yard run by Quarterback Curt Phillips who is eventually pushed out at the 21 yard line with 1:06. With 54 seconds left and 1 timeout Curt Phillips throws to Sam Arteson putting then at the 7 yard line. After 2 more runs only going for a total of 3 yards Wisconsin calls their final timeout with 24 seconds. The next play is a touchdown to Jordan Frederick from Curt Phillips leaving 19 seconds on the clock.Making the score a 3 point game 17-14 Stanford still on top. This caps off a 10 play 85 yard drive taking 2:04.

Head Coach of Stanford ,David Shaw, will take this 3 point lead to the locker room and try to talk some sense into his fallen apart defense.

The first half is under way with a touchback and Wisconsin will get the ball at the 20 yard line. David Shaw must have talked some sense into the Stanford defense as they force a three and out.Stanford will have the ball at their own 21 yard line.

Kevin Hogan tries and fails at a quarterback sneak right before the Stanford offensive line gets caught on a false start. Then after an incomplete pass this will force yet another three and out. This drive was 3 plays for -5 yards! Wisconsin will get the ball at their own 49 yard line after the punt.

On second and 9 the jet sweep is unsuccessful yet again, this and a screen for no gain will add up to another three and out. This is the tenth time that the Badgers have tried the jet sweep. Stanford is all over this play. It may have worked against Nebraska, but not against this top 3 run defense.

In the shotgun formation Stanford's Hogan will escape a sack and keep this play alive with a 1 yard gain to Stephan Taylor. Now there is yet another three and out making it four straight. After the punt Curt Phillips runs to the 43 yard line getting the first first down of the second half. On play action Curt Phillips has a wide open Chase Hammond who is appeared to be injured after the hit knocking the ball out. It will be called an incomplete pass(6:43 left in the 3rd). He will be taken out of the game.

This and an incomplete pass will force a punt giving Stanford the ball on their own 9 yard line. And Hogan runs the ball on a play action for a first down. the next play is a three yard run taking them to the 29. After a 10 yard holding penalty it makes it 3rd and 17 for Stanford. Hogan makes a poor choice and tries to run for the first and only gets 3, forcing yet another punt.

Now Wisconsin  will take the ball at their own 29 yard line. Now on 2nd and 6 Montee Ball takes the ball an extra three yards to the 36 yard line. Phillips fires a bullet to the wide receiver Abbrederis for 11 yards. Now 2nd and 2 James white is tackled for a loss of 4. Curt Phillips will try and scramble for the first and is a yard short forcing a punt with 5 seconds left in the 3rd. Stanford takes the ball at their own 15 yard line. The final play of the quarter will be a 3 yard gain for Stephan Taylor on the run.

Stanford will start the quarter on their own 18 yard line with 2nd and 7. The first play will be a scramble for Kevin Hogan who will gain 14 yards to the 32 yard line. Wilkerson is tackled for a huge loss of 6. Taylor will receive a screen and he gains 12 yards but is still short. Stanford will punt yet again. Giving Wisconsin the ball on their own 14 yard line.

Montee ball runs for a one yard gain taking it to the 15 yard line. Gordon takes the ball 8 yards making it 3rd and 1. David Parry tackles Montee Ball short of the first down marker. On the punt their was a penalty on Wisconsin for hitting the return man on a fair catch. Stanford will have the ball on the 44 yard line after the penalty.

2 runs for Taylor will equal a first down in Wisconsin territory. Zach Eartz catches a 9 yard pass making it 2nd and 1. After an illegal block in the back on Stanford they will have the ball on the 40. Then Hogan takes it himself for 10 yards and the first. Now Taylor crossed the 20 yard line making it 3rd down and 1. On a toss play to Anthony Wilkerson he crosses the first down marker taking it to the 11. One play later Taylor crosses the five yard line on the run. Hogan rolls to his right and over throws Zach Eartz forcing a field goal that makes the score 20-14 Stanford on top(4:23 left in the fourth).

Stanford will kick-off to the Badgers. Gordon will take a touchback on this return which will put the ball on their own 25 yard line. On first down Gordon will run the jet sweep good for a first down. Montee ball takes it 3 yards on the run. Gordon on the sweep will take it for 6 yards. Montee Ball will have the first down for Wisconsin. Phillips rolls to his left and passes for 4 yards. Then Phillips is picked for the first time this half.

Stanford is trying to run the clock out when Taylor makes it 3rd and 1 when Wisconsin takes their second time out. Taylor runs for the first down and Stanford has won the Rose Bowl 20-14.

 By David B.

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