Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Outback Bowl: The best one yet!

          This year the Outback Bowl was between two sensational football teams, #10 South Carolina Gamecocks and #18 Michigan Wolverines.  There was 4 lead changes in the last quarter of this game.  This bowl game will be forever in the history books!
          In the third quarter of this game the score was 21-16 Gamecocks lead.  With 0:02 left in the third Michigan QB Devin Gardener threw a 10 yard pass to Jeremy Gallon for a TD to give the Wolverines a 22-21 lead.  They would go for 2, but Gardener threw a pick in the endzone.  So, the score stayed the same.  Then, in the forth Are Sanders caught a 31 yard pass from Connor Shaw to give the Gamecocks a 27-22 lead with 8:06 left.  They also went for 2 and came up short.  Michigan got the ball back and were driving down the field.  With the same hook up again,  Gardener to Gallon, the Wolverines took the lead back 28-27 and failed again for 2 points.  Now it was do or die time for South Carolina.  With under a minute left in Michigan territory Connor Shaw got shoken up and had to be taken out for the rest of the game.  The Gamecocks fate was in backup's Dylan Thompson's hands.  Next, Michagin decided to blitz and it looked like Thompson wouldn't escape.  But then all of a sudden he broke free and threw up a lob with 0:11 left in the game.  Out of nowhere Bruce Ellington, also a poing guard on the basketball team jumped up and pulled it in and ran into the endzone.  That's how the season ended for both teams.
          How good was this game?  Write what you think in the comments!

By: Tarky. L

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