Saturday, January 5, 2013

Packers vs. Minnesota: Preview

The number 6 seed Minnesota Vikings will face off against there week 17 foe the number 3 seed Green Bay Packers today at 8:00 EST.

I'm sure of one thing that Adrian Peterson will be a large factor in the first round play-off game. While currently Peterson leads the lead in rushing yards with 2097. Clay Mathews might be able to keep Peterson to minimum gains. Mathews has 13 sacks and 5 tackles for a loss. A.J Hawk will be right beside Mathews on defense with 120 tackles and 6 tackles for a loss. 

 Randall Cobb and Aaron Rogers are the 2 leaders in the Green Bay power house offense. Cobb has 954 yards which doesn't seem like a lot, but he also has 132 rushing yards. That totals up for 1086 yards of total offense. Then there is Aaron Rogers. Rogers is the guy who never played because of Brett Farve, then in 2008 Farve left and that is when the Packers realized what they had. This year he exploded for a 4295 yard and 39 touchdown season.

I believe that the final score of the game will be Packers 24-Vikings 17. What do you think? Post in the comments!

     By David B.

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  1. I'm thinking the same thing......Aaron Rogers and his Packers will come out on top tonight.....It's a shame that Minnesota's QB was not able to play in this important game!