Tuesday, January 1, 2013


          Is the some say #1 QB prospect Geno Smith overrated?  I'd say so.  The Kansas City Cheifs have the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and are going to be searching for QB to repair their terrible offensive game.  A lot say that Geno Smith will be that guy.  In my opinion, I would try to go for someone like Colin Klein or Landry Jones before I use my pick on Geno Smith.
          Don't get me wrong, Smith is a very athletic player with amazing football IQ and the abilty to use his legs to get out of bad situations.  He has also stuffed the stat sheet with 4,021 passing yards and 40 scores.  But one thing he did not do was lead West Virginia to wins.  They finished 7-6 after getting destroyed by Syracuse and their QB Ryan Nassib in the Pinstripe Bowl, who is another great prospect who has a chance at going first round.  I just don't see Smith being affective in the NFL, because if you can't lead a super talented college team to wins, then theres no way you can lead a professinal rebuilding team to wins.
          What NFL team do you think will be a good fit for Geno Smith?  Write it in the comments!

Geno Smith, QB, WVUBy Tarky L.

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